Dream Market not available

Dream Market, one of the largest darkweb marketplaces of all time, will be closed at the end of April 2019, as the market’s employees announced.

Dream Market not available
Dream Market goes without Exit Scam

On March 26, customers and providers have logged into their Dream Market Accounts and could not use the main basic features of the marketplace. The marketplace had replaced the drug lists, stolen Netflix passwords and cheats with a message announcing the shutdown of the market and the so-called “transfer”. The embassy did not provide any real information and expressed concern about the money wallet users had deposited in the Dream Market.
“This market will be closed on 30.04.2019 and will transfer its services to a partner company,

Empire Market


LINK ZUM MARKTPLATZ: http://7cu43grmlgvgaerj.onion

Empire Market ist aktuell der größte Darknet Marktplatz, was Anzahl der Kunden und Verkäufer, sowie die Produktzahlen angeht. Der Empire Market lehnt sich stark an den ehemals größten aller Marktplätze an – Alphabay Market.

Unable to find useful information about the shutdown and “transfer” on the Dream Market, users asked questions about Dread and some of the subreddits for Darkweb users who escaped Reddit’s last hustle and bustle.

Dream Market announced the shutdown after seven weeks of intense DDoS attacks, temporarily making the market inaccessible. At the height of the attacks, users questioned whether or not law enforcement plays a role in disrupting the market. Since then, various members of the community have provided information about the situation of the attacker. Nearly a month before the announcement of the Dream Market, the creator of Dread confirmed that a blackmailer had attacked both Dread and Dream Market. Commenting on a separate attack on Dread, HugBunter wrote that the creature behind the Dream Market attack launched the attack to blackmail the Dream Market administrator for $ 400,000. “[The attacker] continues attacking and waiting for SpeedStepper to give in to pay it off, it’s literally just a blackmail attempt, no other motive,” HugBunter wrote in a commentary to Dread.

A Dream Market employee wrote: “The problem with the DDos was a big problem for the Dream Market, our Dream Market tech team worked as hard as possible, but the real problem with the Ddos attack is on the TOR browser side so we had no power to fix this mistake. ” According to the employee, the ongoing attacks ultimately led to SpeedStepper’s decision to “transfer” the market to a so-called “partner company”. Marketplace administrators or owners have in the past offered to sell marketplaces. But some users think that the so-called “transfer” is nothing but an attempt to thwart the entity behind the DDoS attacks. HugBunter commented that the owner of Dream Market is simply “reshaping the market” and hoping that the attacker will fail to connect Dream with the “partner company”. Although new users may not connect between an established and a brand new marketplace, Hugbunter doubts that the attacker would make the same mistake.

Although a staff member of the Dream Market has posted a message on Dread about the shutdown, SpeedStepper has not yet appeared to give an official statement on the situation. The Dream Market administration seldom makes comments on public channels, and his absence is not of much importance. However, in such a significant situation as the shutdown of Dream, some users have questioned the silence of the administrator. The same message as the one on Dream, signed with the PGP key from SpeedStepper, would solve some tensions.

Dream made the shutdown announcement on one of the worst days to announce such a drastic measure. The same day, Dream Market announced its shutdown, and federal police in the United States announced the results of a successful operation targeting drug traffickers in Darkweb around the world. In a separate announcement, the federal police revealed that Operation SaboTor led to the arrest of 61 suspects related to drug trafficking in Darkweb. The law enforcement agencies questioned more than 100 people who allegedly had bought drugs in the Darkweb. According to the announcement, the investigators also closed dozens of accounts on an undisclosed number of darkweb markets.

Empire MarketA number of users attributed Operation SaboTor to the absence of SpeedStepper and the closure of the Dream Market. Marketplace users who have used both Alphabay and Hansa probably remember the FBI and Europol cases. When the FBI confiscated Alphabay, they knew that users would flock to the next largest Darkweb marketplace of the time: Hansa. When the FBI confiscated the Alphabay servers, the Dutch law enforcement agency Hansa had already infiltrated by arresting the admins, putting Hansa on servers under their control, and then acting as admins to the unsuspecting employees, customers and sellers. Once enough of the Alphabay population had moved to Hansa, Europol Hansa went offline, revealing how she had deceived thousands of Darkweb market users.

The unexpected closure of Dream Market triggered alerts for some former users. Others see the announcement as nothing more than a name change by Dream Market. Unlike many other marketplaces that have ceased operations, Dream Market warned users a month prior to closure, allowing buyers and sellers to withdraw any remaining funds. If the Dream Transfer goes as planned, the market could go down in history to exit in a way that only Agora can achieve.